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Applications to College continue to increase

Applications to College continue to increaseUChicago’s largest group of applicants reflects rising interest from students of diverse backgrounds and of the highest academic ability. Read full story >

The University of Chicago recorded a 12 percent rise in applications to the undergraduate College this year, continuing a trend of growing interest in the College among students of diverse backgrounds and of the highest academic ability.

The University received 21,669 applications for the class entering in the fall of 2011, making this the largest group of applicants in the school’s history, following last year’s total of 19,374 applications.

Of this year’s total, a record 6,960 students submitted early action applications, suggesting that a growing number of prospective students view the College as their first choice, said John Boyer, Dean of the College and the Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor in History.

“The University’s devotion to intellectual fearlessness and its distinctive approach to undergraduate learning continue to attract many of the finest young minds,” Boyer said. “This is a remarkable time to be a student in the College. We are committed to helping our students take full advantage of attending one of the world’s great research universities in one of the world’s great cities.”

This year’s applicants reflect rising interest from many groups, including international students and those who wish to pursue study of the arts. The University also received more applications from minority students and from every geographic region of the country, said James G. Nondorf, Vice President and Dean of College Admissions and Financial Aid.

Nondorf noted that alumni of the College are playing an increasingly important role in admissions outreach. Membership in the Alumni Schools Committee grew significantly this year, providing assistance that likely contributed to the rise in applications.

“Our admissions efforts are fueled by current students and alumni who are steeped in the University’s traditions and genuinely love the institution,” Nondorf said. “They all believe the University of Chicago is the kind of place that can transform a student’s life. Our admissions effort is about finding every prospective student who is passionate about this community and able to become a part of it.”

By Jeremy Manier
January 11, 2011